Nike is hosting a Toronto 15K in June. Are you in?

Big news! A few weeks back Nike announced that Toronto would be one of the hosting cities for the women's 2015 running series taking place this summer.

Please excuse the sweaty mess! (Photo credit:  Amillionminds )

Please excuse the sweaty mess! (Photo credit: Amillionminds)

If you haven't heard about this running series, it's pretty awesome. Though anyone can register, this race is specifically intended to elevate women runners and encourage ladies to go faster and be stronger. Usually I'm not such a cheerleader but having run with men for the last few months, I could definitely use the boost in morale.

Don't get me wrong, I know some crazy fast lady runners but there's always a weird competition factor when you throw men into the mix that makes us get down on ourselves. Something kind of amazing happens when you bring a group of women together to achieve a similar goal. A sort of camaraderie. At least that's what I hope this race will encourage.

To help get ladies prepared, Nike is offering a free run analysis out of their Eaton's Centre location. Running for 2-3 minutes on a treadmill, Nike will analyze how you run and offer advise on how to avoid injury and what shoes may be the best fit for your running style. Though they're obviously trying to sell shoes, it's actually pretty interesting to see what's happening when you run. 

Like, seriously. What is happening with my hands?! ( Photo credit:   Amillionminds )

Like, seriously. What is happening with my hands?! (Photo credit: Amillionminds)

Photo credit:   Amillionminds

Photo credit: Amillionminds

When you're done, you'll get a cool video that will explain what came from the analysis.

So, here are the race details:

Date: June 14, 2015
Location: Toronto Island
Registration: Opens March 9th

Also, if you haven't already gotten your tickets for the Pan Am Games, which will also be taking place this summer in Toronto, do it! It's obviously going to be the summer of fitness.

To get me pumped up, Nike gave me this awesome outfit for spring training! 

Again, what is with my form? I need to work on this before June.

Again, what is with my form? I need to work on this before June.

For more details on the run, head here and here.

See you on the streets :)